Friday, July 5, 2013

The last glimmer of hope.

With the academic school year now over, we only have the graduation fete on Sunday to go. Still we refuse to give up hope of continuing our grade school next year, although at the same time are fearful that Sunday will be the last time that we see all our pupils together.
It is very doubtful that we will reach our building target of £ 21,000 in time – but you never know ! – if we don’t make it then these funds will be saved and with serious fundraising throughout the year, we should have enough to build for September 2014 – so please keep them coming !
The KG 2 ( graduating class ) 2013
There are  a couple of minute glimmers of hope for September 2013 however ! The first is that of appealing to the local council. We have been trying for months to get special dispensation from the new rules which state that premises must be rented legally ( i.e. with all paperwork completed – which unfortunately ours isn’t since it belonged to our landlords mother and was never transferred to his and his estranged sisters name )
However, tomorrow we are going to attempt one last ditch chance – we are leaders in education in Nazret town, active members of the Nazret schools committee and offer so many children sponsorship and reduced payments – so hope that tomorrow when we meet with the highest authority in Nazret this will all be enough to make English Alive an exception to the rule !
The second is that of trying to rent another building. We have been searching for a reasonably priced building for  many months, but with no success – 99 % of them have rooms too small to be classrooms and the other 1 % offered extortionate rates – at least double the normal price. This was very puzzling, however, this week we discovered the reason why !
One school in town decided that they didn’t want any other schools to be formed or expand, thus made a conscious decision to go around to all the suitable places ( the elusive 1 % ) pretend to be interested in renting them out and offer a rent at double the going rate – all this with no intention of renting any of them out!
Naturally, this has resulted in all places believing that their property is worth a lot and thus because they have been quoted this price by one school, it is their expectation that all schools would offer the same !

With this knowledge, we intend to revisit the suitable buildings and attempt to explain the situation to them , hoping that they can be convinced and thus rent out the building to us – at its proper price ! – a long shot indeed – but all we need is one long shot and we will be saved ! – so still hoping for the very best at a time when our hope is only a faint glimmer !

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  1. Ah, the mystery revealed as to why the prices so high! Good detective work! These glimmers of hope indeed look promising.