We have on-site volunteers at the school and we have distance volunteers who help us from their home bases.

Our volunteers are from all over the world, including Great Britain, the U.S., Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Italy ....


If you volunteer at our school in Nazret, you will probably help us by teaching.

Educational needs 

Before you come, we'll talk together and mutually agree on how to best match your skills and interests with our educational needs. These include:
  • English teaching to children (age 2.5 through 12)
  • English teaching to adults (our Ethiopian teachers and staff)
  • Arts - musical instruments, singing, dancing, painting/drawing
  • Physical education 
  • Basic health and hygiene education, age-appropriate
  • PC skills to children
  • PC skills to adults (our Ethiopian teachers and staff)
  • Education for children with special needs

Other needs

We also seek on-site volunteers who are subject matter experts in: 
  • Volunteer programme development, management, and assessment
  • Sustainable school design and construction (i.e. civil engineer, architect, general contractor) - Ethiopia-specific experience
  • Coalition-building and networking (between the school and other Nazret organizations)


We don't assess fees against volunteers just for being volunteers.

We do need compensation for some of the volunteer costs we incur in time and resources. Examples include:
  • Transportation to Nazret from Addis Ababa (approximately 350 birr)
  • Traditional, home-cooked meals (approximately 350 birr per week)

(Go here for exchange rates.)

If you find your own transportation and make your own arrangements for meals in Nazret, then we don't expect compensation for same.

Lodging. We will direct you to safe, affordable lodging near the school campuses. Lodging expenses will be roughly 150 birr per night.

Cell phone. In most cases, we can lend you a mobile phone and a sim card that you can use during your volunteer tenure. (You will be responsible for buying minutes for the sim card.)


  • Age 21 years or older
  • Native-English speaker or, if not a native-English speaker, proficient in English at level C1 or above in the CEFR (or its equivalent)
  • Previous volunteer or professional experience in any field
  • Three references who can speak to your: professionalism, reliability, self-initiative, effectiveness, adaptability, and good judgment

How to apply

Please go here to register your interest in applying. We will call or email you as soon as we can. 

What kind of experience should I expect in Nazret?

When we contact you, we'll share information that will help you prepare for visiting and volunteering in Nazret.

We'll also give you contact information for previous volunteers who will be happy to share their experiences with you and to answer your questions.


We can use distance help from people with expertise in these areas: 
  • Accounting
  • Fundraising leadership in: Australia, U.S., Canada, and European Union (excluding the UK)
  • Grant writing
  • Volunteer programme development 
  • Website management

We usually communicate with our distance volunteers via email or, if in real time, by Facebook messaging.  We also have some volunteers in the U.S. and Great Britain with whom you can talk via phone or Skype.

Please go here to register your interest in applying as a distance volunteer. Explain your area of interest or expertise in the Comments section. We'll contact you by email as soon as we can.

So - Get in touch! We need you! 

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