Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The last things

Things are getting depressing – there is a sense of impending doom roaming across the grade compound as we start to do the “ last things “ – the last time that the pupils will have assembly , the last break time, the last exams and tomorrow the ultimate – the last ever day of school in our current grade compound.
The last grade school toy wash
 And we don’t know whether this will be the last ever day of grade school – full stop – since we still have nowhere to go. Although funds are trickling in with over £ 1,200 raised thus far, this is still a fair distance from the required £ 21,000, meaning that our dream of building our own school this year appears to be dwindling fast.
We are still trying our best – attempting fundraising and at the same time looking for a suitable compound that we are afford ( even at a stretch ) and is large enough to house grade 1 – 4, but as each day ticks by, the chances seem more and more remote.

  It is truly devastating to see all those eager happy faces and soon dash all their hopes for the future – to take away the only hope of a decent life that they will have through a good education - and relegate them instantly to a life of poverty and struggle. We have tried our best – and are still trying – and that is all that anyone can do – but somehow, it all doesn’t seem to be quite enough.

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  1. What a difficult transition for the school, you, the staff, the students, and their families.

    I use the word "transition" deliberately.

    Something might or might not end, or it might be in suspense, or there may be transformation.

    My best wishes for what is to come.