Saturday, May 25, 2013

English Alive needs each and everyone of you !

This week was a nightmare since it was confirmed that we would definitely have to leave the grade school building due to new government regulations. We had thought this for a long time, but had held out hope that English Alive would be an exception to the rule – but no such luck. Despite long and hard searches, all other suitable compounds are way out of our price range – more than doubling our current rent, meaning that the grade school currently has nowhere to go!
            This means that there is a potential situation that almost 100 children will have no school to go to in mid September – for some of them, this will be the end of their education and for others, they will go from high quality full time schooling to a cramped, part time class of over hundred pupils learning through rote.
  But we will not give up easily – there is a solution – a long shot – but possible – and that is to build our own school. To build in mud is quick and if we can raise £ 21,000 / US $ 31,784 then we can simply build our own.

With over 200 supporters, this total is not as extreme as it sounds, with everyone being asked to raise £ 100 /  US $ 152 and therefore be an essential part of the schools future. Every penny / dime makes a huge difference – so please pass on the message – arrange fundraising events ( see  questions and answers.                       for a readymade quiz ) and tell everyone that you can – and soon enough – with a lot of luck and help from our supporters – we will make our goal and provide our pupils with the education they need and deserve. 

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