Monday, June 3, 2013

Time is racing by !

June – already !!!! Really can’t believe where the year went to – it seems five minutes since we started – racing around with new students and new materials – full of hope and excitement for the year ahead !
Even though there are now only 3 learning weeks left, things are still in full swing – with grade and grade school sports days coming up. However, looming over everyone’s head is the threat of closing the grade school –  the campaign to raise £ 21,000 is plodding on, with £ 460 in the bank and numerous pledges – however we still need to keep going and get everyone involved. With 246 facebook group members, £ 21,000 really isn’t impossible  - we just need to get everyone excited about the campaign and keep on hoping for the very best ! – so PLEASE SPREAD THE MESSAGE !!!!

After the remaining 3 weeks, we have exams and then a week to finish off before the huge end of year graduation! Regular readers will recall that last year, our graduation was a disaster since there was a huge downpour for most of the graduation morning, meaning that our 3 hour show had to be minimized into a 20 minute sample with half of the pupils and watching parents missing due to the weather !
On that day I vowed that never again would we all put that much work into something only to have it all dashed at the last minute – so we came up with the idea of a end of year fete ! This will be the first ever fete in Ethiopia – so have no idea what the reaction will be ! – but at least it will be much less work for teachers and pupils and who knows – everyone may love it !!

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