Saturday, May 25, 2013

Urgent: Save Our Grade School!
The English Alive Academy Grade 1 to 4 compound will soon be closing – since we can't afford to buy another building, and we refuse to give up - our best option is to build our own school!
We have the land – now all we need is to build!

We are asking ALL supporters to raise £100 / US $152 - through raising this amount, we will reach our target of £ 21,000 / US $ 31,784.

We know that we have at least 200 supporters. If each supporter is able to source £100, this will be enough to keep the school going!

Whether you are a Facebook friend of the school, a previous volunteer or a friend of one, we need the support of everyone who knows about us to get the school built and give our school kids a chance at continuing their education.

Don’t think that YOU don’t make a difference – if we are to achieve our dream , then we need each and every one to ask for donations from everyone and anyone! – every penny / dime counts with ALL the money donated going straight to the building costs without anything being taken for administration.

You are not alone in your quest to raise the funds - to help you to raise your £ 100 / US $ 152 we have organised the following which provide you with all you need to easily raise and extend your fundraising target :

Hold a quiz night! – click here to download quiz questions and answers.
Raffle  ( UK citizens only ) –  £ 1 tickets with the grand prize of £ 2,000 !

The easiest way to donate money is via Paypal, to

We know that our many supporters have already given so much to keep the school going. Thank you all for your continued generosity!
- Stephanie and Dawit

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