Thursday, October 23, 2014

Drains and things …

Drains and plumbing in Ethiopia aren’t the same as in many countries – here it is much more hands on !  The drains in the Kindergarten school has been troubling for a few weeks now, however this week they gave up completely and thus  we had to get the “ plumber ” in. 
The toilets on the right side and the subsequent holes
.  This poor man had to single-handedly dig a huge hole and try to sort out the blockage amidst the muck ! He had a wonderful spirit as he working however – shouting with excitement every time he found another thing that was causing the blockage ( a mixture of balls, stones  and a teacher’s mobile phone which had fallen down the toilet about a month ago ! )

Our new nursery class is now almost ready for launching – just awaiting a new teacher. However, this week’s news is that once the grade pupils parents heard about there being a special class for the nursery in Oroifa, then they requested a new class for grade 1 ( this was only a vague possibility last week ) – meaning that we will shortly be a school with 9 classes ! – an expensive but exciting challenge!
The hole !

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