Friday, October 17, 2014

The school is expanding once again - this time for Oromifa !

This week has been a very mixed time, due to matters beyond our control !
The confusing development this week was  the news that we have to have Oromifa classes  - regardless of the number of pupils interested . Nazret ( or Adama to give it its original Oromo name ) is located in a region known as Oromia . The official language of the Oromia region is Oromo and in more rural areas, for many this is the only language that they know. ( see for more info )
KG 2 class in action

In order to keep this language alive, ( in a country where the national language is Amharic ) schools in the more rural Oromia regions are required to have special Oromifa classes. As the new far school is in an area which was previously a rural village and thus people are all farmers, we have always had these special Oromifa classes, with no problems. 

However,  there has now been a decision by the government that if parents want all subjects to be taught in Oromifa, then the school has to oblige. This has meant that we are being forced to open up a nursery class of a mere 8 pupils and the possibility of another class for the grade section – meaning additional expenses in buying and making more tables and chairs for the new classes – not to mention the expense of hiring new teachers !

Still, it will be interesting to have new classes and fun to train up new teachers and prepare whole new classes with flashcards and displays  and great to see the school swell to an amazing 8 ( or possibly 9 classes ) when just over a year ago it was a mere empty shell – so as the blog message started – a very mixed week indeed !

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  1. But what a great opportunity to keep a language alive!