Saturday, November 1, 2014

Injections for all !

This week has been a busy one as at long last we have managed to sort out all the things that were moved out from the central grade school which closed down in the summer. Moving is always problematic as there are a million and one little bits and pieces that have been accumulated – so with a school, the problem is dramatically increased! – it is amazing the number of little bits of paper that we have and the number of bits of toys and puzzles that have made their way into the wrong boxes !

As a result, we didn’t have time to sort all the little bits out so instead simply packed things in boxes to be moved to the new far school. This week, we had a good go and all the staff members worked together to get it all sorted out!

 At the moment there is an outbreak of meningitis in Ethiopia and as a result, the health workers were coming round to all schools to give free injections – which is truly marvellous! They set up camp in the playground yesterday and pupils patiently waited in line for their turn! Amazingly, only two pupils cried! – the teachers made more of a fuss!  The injections were available for everyone aged 1 – 29 so was very flattered when the teachers all told me to go and wait in line for mine!! (being a tad over 29!)

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