Sunday, October 6, 2013

School year now well underway !

Running 3 schools is a bit like the difference between  having 1 and 2 children – it should only be twice the amount of work but somehow it is 3 times as much !
As a result, we are all very busy trying to organise the 3 different compounds ( and 4 schools ) so that the limited resources are evenly spread and that there are enough supplies for everyone everywhere !

Amy and her wonderful donation of school supplies
Fortunately we have Amy – from the UK here to volunteer for the three months – so it is wonderful to have an extra pair of hands to help organise and team teach as well as develop curriculums etc.

The central Kindergarten school this year has had a sudden influx of nursery pupils ( the 3 year olds ) thus we have had to split the class into two and move the other classes all around to get everyone fitted in. This has meant the employment of a new nursery teacher – Tigest who is working wonderfully with the challenge of learning the new system whilst at the same time organising 25 pupils into their first ever school routine.

In the central grade school we are currently awaiting the arrival of 20 computers so busy finalising the new tables and chairs and the power supply ready for their arrival !

At the new far school pupils are slowly trickling in – we now have about 60 pupils in the school with others still coming every day. All of the pupils haven’t had experience of toys before thus this first week has been showing pupils how to play with the toys, how to paint, stick etc  - which they soon got the hang of after initial demonstrations and encouragement !

A few days ago we were awarded the license for the autism centre so now to start the organisation and train teachers. We are fortunate that an old volunteer – Lucy is involved with an autism school in the UK so she is kindly helping us out with ideas and information.

The beginning of the school year is always a busy time – but this year it is the busiest yet – a challenge admittedly but so much such fun at the same time !
Learning about toy cars !

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