Sunday, September 22, 2013

The new far school

All go here ! – unbelievable that despite planning everything  there is always a  hundred and one things left to do at the last minute !  Although the central grade and KG school were all ready to start on time on Monday, the toilets for the new school were still under construction thus the school opening had to be delayed until the Wednesday.
It was extremely exciting to open the doors to the new school ( kindergarten – grade 4 ) and reminiscent of the past when English Alive was very first opened. Children had to be encouraged and shown how to play with the toys, having had no experience of toys before – after school if they are not helping with the animals or the household then their toys are restricted to finding  a bottle top or two and making their own game from them.
The grade school desks - as they were left - soon to be put into groups !
Our biggest problem has been the lack of resources – in the end we managed to borrow some tables, chairs and desks from the school that the building was previously rented to – but this is on a limited time frame. Although the KG chairs and tables are fine, there are only desks with attached benches for the grade school – making it very hard to work as groups and to even put the toys on to play with since the desks slope !
Just as we were getting into it all and starting to set up a little routine, there was a sudden announcement from the government that all schools had to be closed for training  for a week ! Ironically the subject to be focussed upon is planning !

This is quite frustrating since it takes time for pupils and teachers to get settled in – especially for the very young ones first starting school ! However, on the positive side this means that we have more time to sort out the new school – trying to eke out the limited toys and books that we have between the schools , write training plans and finalise the very basic toilets.
The KG classroom - rather empty at the moment ! 

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