Friday, February 15, 2013

The second Semester begins !

After a wonderfully luxurious two weeks holiday, school is now up and running ! Report cards went out on Monday – with many happy excited faces at knowing how they have ranked in each subject !
 This second semester looks like being a fun one, with a lot of exciting events planned – such as :
Ø  A visiting clown from Holland to carry out a performance and training workshop
Ø  World poetry day – with pupils writing and presenting their own poems in Amharic
Happy pupils with their report cards
Ø  Sports days
Ø  Enterprise week
Ø  School trips
Ø  Sharing a story month – with the library being open after school for sharing sessions with parents etc

Culminating at the end of the term with a new twist on the traditional graduation with a graduation fete 

        In our daily life, we now have the full set of maths textbooks – which is at least a start. For some classes, we were pleased to see that we were more on less on target and the textbooks didn’t provide us with any surprises in the form of new topics etc – however, for one poor class who thought they were on target, they were most upset to find that three new topics had been added, meaning that the proposed schedule of learning is to be significantly condensed !
        Still waiting for the compulsory textbooks for science, social studies and English  - but no date yet given , it is quite possible that they may not be used until next academic year !
        During the holidays, we were very fortunate with school supply donations – with 100 high quality pens and pencils being donated by pens for asia – pencils here are of shockingly poor quality – sometimes only lasting one extended sharpening – so these will keep us going for a while.
     In addition, we were fortunate to receive 100 small cars and a set of jumping frogs from Franklin community church in Ohio – significantly increasing our floor activities. This was also the week when our donation from Darien Books USA arrived. Packed full of essential reference books, this is a donation that will substantially help make concepts become reality !
     As if this were not enough to arrive, we also received a huge box of school supplies from Christina -  one of our teacher and pupil sponsors. This was packed with a wide range of goodies from Duplo and posters to books and finger puppets !
     With our new volunteers expected a mere week and a half away – this are definitely looking up and we are incredibly excited to see what this semester will bring !

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