Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Parent information week

   Parent interviews ( to discuss pupils progress ) have taken up most of the past week in the KG school       (  with the parent interviews in the grade school currently under progress ) with teachers individually meeting parents during the school day to explain the systems to them and how their child is progressing.
        In the UK, this is a fairly straightforward process, with there being one allocated evening and a ten – fifteen minute slot for discussion. However, through experimenting with different times, dates and formats ( an initial talk and then individual sessions / a day allocated / two nights allocated ) we have found that a week is needed to accommodate everyone !
Feeding the baby
               Mainly this is due to the fact that English Alive carries out a different system to schools in Ethiopia, with the presence of active learning, workbooks, toys and a distinct lack of copying . Although this process is explained several times during the year during parents information meetings, as the year progresses, new things crop up which parents are unsure about  - such as blends in phonics, more complex mental maths, project style homework etc.
        Thus a parent interview at English Alive consists of fifteen minutes explaining the process of what we are doing and ten minutes discussing how their child is coping with the process ! Although time consuming, we are pleased that parents want to know what we are doing instead of simply dismissing it as some new fangled thing  - so we are always pleased to explain why and how and educate a new generation of people about what we feel education should be like. 

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