Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Exam results...and holidays !

After a whirlwind of exams, we are now onto paper work for the first few days of our two week school holiday ! Reports are due out on the first day of the new semester, so everyone is racing to get all assessments up to date, the exam results added and the report cards filled in so that we can have at least one clear week of holidays !
Grade 3  wih thieir exam results
             For me, this holiday is especially special with the arrival of my father from the UK. He hasn’t been over to Ethiopia for five years, meaning that the school has changed quite a bit in his absence. Indeed, it is only through his fresh eyes of the school of five years ago ( only the kindergarten compound , about seventy five children, three classes and nine members of staff ) to the schools of today ( two compounds, almost two hundred children, seven classes and twenty two members of staff as well as a specialist eating room, computer room and two libraries – to name but a few changes ! ) that you can really see how far the school has progressed. So he is astonished and impressed  -  and at the same time saddened at the stories of some of the children yet amazed at their resilience as they plough around the school compound at high speed seemingly without a care in the world ! So although I hope that it won’t be another five years before he comes out again, hope that the next time he comes, the changes at school will remain so spectacular !
               We are pleased to report that we now have a sponsor for "Kalkidan" who was mentioned in the previous blog – the little girl whose mother was forced into prostitution. We are also currently working with the mother and she is currently off the streets.
                  We do have lots of other children who are currently educated at the school for free but do not as yet have a sponsor, so if interested please do get in contact at either stephanddawit@yahoo.co.uk  or through our website www.englishaliveacademy.org

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