Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sponsor a student!

The end of the year is only 8 weeks away – and although that sounds a lot, we have only 4 more weeks teaching time – then  exam week, compulsory marking week ( not sure what we are really supposed to be doing then – it doesn’t take a week to mark exams and since we have continuous assessment, then it isn’t a huge deal ! ) graduation practise week ( again compulsory ! ) and then at long last after a bit of a protracted end of the school year- graduation on Saturday 7thJuly !
            Wonderful to be completing the school year – but so scary at the same time ! – on the positive side we have achieved so very very much – the school really has been revolutionised through our being here full time – everyone has worked so hard and learnt so much that although it has been a struggle, it has been worth it !
  On the negative side – this means that once again, we are looking for child sponsorships ! – this year has seen the record number of pupils who started the year paying the minimal school fee and then problems have hit and they can’t afford to pay anything any longer – children who have parents die from Aids, kids whose families have lost their jobs and those families who have simply been hit with the rapidly rising food and living costs !
    However, at the same time as economics playing a huge part in our pupils lives, this is reflected in the rest of the world , thus people are finding it more and more difficult to afford a full sponsorship $ 227 / £ 140 ) or even a half sponsorship ( $ 113 / £ 70 )  - thus we have now set up a crowdfunder account – ( available for only the next 40 days or so )  for those who want to help pupils receive a sponsorship and thus a chance to break their cycle of poverty – a donation of a minimal £ 10 can be contributed –  for more details see

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