Friday, April 27, 2012

How fast the year has flown!

Exams are now over! – they have been a bit of a struggle for the staff due to staff shortages meaning that we were all overstretched however at long last they are over and the children as a whole have done extremely well ! Our only disappointment has been grade 4 maths – all pupils struggled with the exam which wasn’t particularly hard – but the good thing is that it has shown me that I need to make lesson plans for maths for everyone (currently only make plans for the KG and grade 1 since although I am quite good at maths I really really hate it!!) – So I suppose there is a silver lining in everything!

       It is shocking to realise that it is almost May – which means almost June and the end of the school year! – This year has zoomed by so fast its shocking!  We really did want to get enough funds to start grade 5 this year but unless there is a last minute miracle then it looks as if yet again we will simply have to say goodbye to our current grade 4 pupils and send them out into the world! – their prospects aren’t that good for when they leave the school – some will give up education all together ( at the tender age of 12 ish ) and the best that they will get is a poor quality part time education at the local government school. So upsetting that money can control their future – a mere ( to some ) £ 4,000 ( $ 7,000 ) would enable us to rent somewhere and start and although  we have applied for grants to get us going, unfortunately none of them have come through !

 Still – the year isn’t over yet and we haven’t said our teary goodbyes – so our spirit of hope is still alive and kicking! 

All the best,

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