Sunday, June 3, 2012

Graduation time

Graduation is now starting to be in our minds – this is the huge show at the end of the year where pupils perform songs , poems and plays to parents and is seen as the big event of the year !
        This year I thought that I would be organised and rather than mess around with tapes, recording crackerly music, then I would use the wonderful collections of songs that our UN online volunteers had found for us ! Initially this all went well – the songs were on the CD, the words written out, the actions decided upon and costumes and masks starting to be prepared. However, there was one rather major problem – that we have only one CD player and when we put the CD into the machine it wouldn’t work ! – we spent a day trailing around the music shops in Nazret, trying to find somewhere that had a CD machine so we could record on tape – but no such technology exists in the town of Nazret !
                 We were worried but not excessively so since we were going up to Addis – however, forgot that in Adds there is the problem of power ( as with most years prior to the rainy season  they are now on scheduled power cuts – one day on and one day off ! ) so again didn’t manage to find a place with both power and technology !
                 This means that although my intentions were great – in fact I will have to go back again to the crackerly tapes ! – a frustration indeed ! 

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