Friday, November 12, 2010

First Parent Meeting of the Year!

Last weekend English Alive Academy had their first parents meeting of the year – the purpose of the meeting being to establish our first ever PTA ( parent teacher association )

We were a little worried since we had told parents that we would try our best to buy computers and have computer classes and although we had tried our best to buy one, we spent more than all our money on the van instead !!! We do aim to buy computers at some stage, but they are currently on the wish list rather than the reality list !

However, we really didn’t need to worry since the meeting was a raging success ! Sixty three people attended the meeting ( often school meetings have only 5 – 10 people here in Nazareth !!)

Only one person mentioned the computers and instead the majority appreciated the fact that we had stretched ourselves above and beyond ( thanks to Fraser and family ) to get the van !

It was great to feel that we are on the right lines – that the parents get what we are trying to do and appreciate all that we do give rather than what we don’t !!

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