Friday, November 12, 2010

Onward and Upward

Going onwards and upwards – that is how the whole school is feeling at the moment, with the number of students rising and our major problems being finding enough room to educate them and having enough tables and chairs ! – Great problems indeed!!
With almost two hundred children it really is getting very busy and I am struggling to keep up with the plans and the organisation etc! The government are now getting firmer on their promise to provide us with free land if we can find 13, 500 pounds to build!! – And although that is an impossible amount we are not deterred and are carrying on the process ever hopeful that the money will turn up!
My work in Addis Ababa (where I work to keep English Alive up and running) has decided that there should be no holidays until the January where we get a luxurious eight days! Work for me in Addis is very challenging. It is very frustrating  !!!

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