Friday, November 12, 2010

Student numbers continue to rise – we are now at 189 !!! and with students still trickling in, the possibility of 200 is not impossible !!!
This is fantastic news since the more students we have the more chance we have of being self sufficient and even to make a little bit of money which would mean that we could start saving for our own land and building !!!
The government have told us that they will give us free land if we can prove that we have one third of the building costs – which is about 13,000 pounds !!!!! – a figure that seems totally impossible ! However we are now looking at fundraising / grants etc so that we can start saving !!! To have our own land and building would make all the difference, enabling us to be more stable as well as the money saved from the renting meaning that we could pay ourselves a minimal wage and move back to Nazareth and run the school once again – our ultimate dream !!!!
Work in Addis for me isn’t going that well – it is frustrating to go there each and every day and achieve very little when there is a whole school waiting for us in Nazareth who are desperate for our help !!
Unfortunately no one applied for the Christmas card competition so am struggling to get them sorted out – again it is a matter of time ! Working full time at my job in Addis and writing plans and visiting Nazareth every weekend means that there is little time for creative extras ! Thus if anyone has any good Christmas card ideas please send them in asap since I do think that they would be a great source of income in the long run !!!

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