Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weekly Update

This week there was great excitement in Nazareth with the construction of the first ever set of traffic lights in Nazareth !! – it is rather exciting and lots of people are very confused about how they are supposed to use them thus they have two traffic police permanently stationed there in order to explain to people the system ! Haven’t yet seen what happens when there is a power cut – but assume that it is the same as Addis i.e. that the lights go off and then everyone just tries to push their way through !
The new grade 4 teacher is doing well .The new nursery section ( the previous assistant teacher who got promoted when the number of children became too high ) is doing very well and the classroom is nicely decorated with collages of the nursery rhymes that they are learning each week.
Income wise have managed to write a couple of sets of articles for a Christian children’s website – paying a whopping $ 27.50 a time – a fortune here !- which has really helped now that 1/3 rd of our income went when I got fired ! – will keep on looking for more freelance writing opportunities since that appears to be a good way to make money. The only difficulty is finding the jobs with the terrible internet and fluctuating power ! – not sure how long this Christian job will last for so it would be great to have something else around the corner as a back up !

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