Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekly Update

Still no signs of volunteers at the moment – a mountain of interest for the summer period but nothing for now – which means that the English curriculum is suffering a little at the moment ! – still, we are doing our best and that is the main thing !

The year seems to be racing by – can’t believe that it is nearly the end of February already ! – it is as if we never really get on top of ourselves ! we are now starting to think about next year – the school is only licensed up to grade 4 and now that we have a year 4, we are starting to think about what will happen to them next year. It seems so awful to make them go to another school where once again they will be just a number ( there are so many children in a class that instead of calling names they simply call out numbers – Dawit used to be number one hundred and three ! ) and they will be back to rote learning etc however really cant see how we can afford to get all the materials necessary to be a grade 5 – 10 school such as a laboratory etc !! – still, will wait and see what turns up !!

This week wasn’t the best for me since I go fired from my part time job !!!! – they love firing people in Ethiopia ( it is the norm ) so there was no warning or explanation – I simply went to work , starting sorting out all the teachers and then the little secretary arrived with the letter saying thank you for everything but we don’t want you anymore !!!I think that they thought that I was too expensive ( it was well paid relatively – it contributed a third of our income ! ) since the same day the school phoned up my old assistant and offered her the job at a vastly reduced price !!

This means that I am busy trying to work out ways to make the money !!! – have been lucky enough to get a job writing articles for a Christian children’s site – however it is piece work and I have no idea how many articles will be needed ! – so it is all a bit worrying !! – I go to work to pay for English Alive to keep going but losing 1/3 rd of the income means that something will suffer – we were only just surviving on what we had previously !! – still, who knows what tomorrow will bring – at least the sun is shining !!!!!

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