Sunday, February 14, 2010

Volunteers Needed ASAP

Having finished the exams, the staff and children at English Alive enjoyed a wonderful two week holiday ! Holidays are few and far between in Ethiopia since most of the schools rely on rote learning so don’t really get that tired, however with the singing and dancing that goes on at English Alive holidays are something that is really needed !!

We now have a new staff member – a mobile teacher. Since the grade school is so small consisting of only 4 classes and 4 teachers this meant that is anyone was sick and not at school then the class had to be covered by the librarian / cleaner etc and of course not much happened ! To solve this we now have a mobile teacher who covers if someone is sick and is also in charge of the Amharic classes. This means that the teachers are free during Amharic time and we want to start using this time for learning support, taking those pupils who are having difficulties out and giving them some one to one attention. We really hope that this will make a lasting difference to the overall standard thus justifying the additional cost of a teacher !!

No volunteer at the moment which is a bit worrying – especially since there are no interested parties at the moment – everyone seems to be interested in the summer and September which is great but it would be wonderful to have the classes covered all year round ! – so please everyone – keep your eyes peeled !!

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