Sunday, March 21, 2010


The good news this week is that although not great, the power situation is at least a little better so the fans are able to be in full swing, which helps matters along somewhat !

Still lots of interest for volunteers for the summer but no one for now ! – Not good but I think that the recession has a lot to do with this since people need to make money rather than volunteer ! Still, we are plodding along and after Easter I have a week’s holiday from the school where I work so we will go and stay for the week and sort things out.

We are currently trying to make a learning support unit for those pupils who are a little behind. Any learning disabilities ( such as dyslexia etc ) are not recognized in this country so it is very hard to support them since often they are just labeled as not being bright , rather than being recognized as having a difficulty. There are some pupils in the school who aren’t progressing as they should and it is hoped that the learning support will assist them in particular.

Although I am a fully qualified dyslexic consultant, I have limited knowledge of other learning disabilities and thus am currently applying for grants in order to purchase some books etc in order to help me train the teachers about how to help those with specific needs. It is not an easy process however applying for grants – a lot of paper work – made even more difficult by the lack of power !!! – Oh well, fingers crossed !!

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