Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sports day !

Grade pupils with their medals !
This week saw sports mornings , which were a great success ! Rather than a competitive style day, a series of activities were placed around the school – both indoors and out – with the pupils rotating at 15 minute intervals, culminating with races where everyone received their beautifully made card “ medal .“  
Fundraising for the new grade building is steadily plodding on – although not racing as hoped  ! We have had a bit of a breakthrough however with a US plumber contacting us to suggest building in recycled hardboard. Apparently, the large buildings zooming up in Addis Ababa are made from poured concrete. The hardboard is tacked up and then the concrete poured in-between . Of course, when dried, there is no use for the hardboard any more so this is removed and sold off cheaply ! – brilliant !

           He is busy working with his carpentry colleagues to work out the amount of material used as well as costings , with it being hoped that the building costs will decrease through using this hardboard !  So, please do encourage everyone you know to donate just a little bit !

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