Monday, June 17, 2013

All change !

Although a yearly calendar is given out by the authorities a few weeks after school has started, stating when the exams have to be and the end of the school year, which I have always taken as rigid and unable to be changed no matter what. However, now realise that I was wrong since the school supervisor turned up a couple of days ago to inform us that the results of all pupils needs to be submitted on Friday 28th June.
The only problem with this is this Friday is the last day of exam week ! – it is not possible to have any results until the exams have been taken !
As a result, the entire end of the school year has had to be dramatically shifted – with exams now starting next week and our end of year graduation being held an entire week ahead of schedule ! It is strange how one minute you are planned and ready – you have timetabled your activities so that you are a few days ahead ( in case of power cuts – pretty bad at the moment since it is the very end of the dry season ( mid September – mid June ) so the water levels are very down and thus power is scarce until the rains start again ) – and then bamm ! – you are suddenly behind !

Our fluffy toy collection having a good wash ! 
The strange thing is that I am the only person worked up about this dramatic change – everyone else simply takes it in their stride , instantly accepting that things have altered and calmly and rationally acknowledging that nothing can be done about it ! This is an excellent Ethiopian approach which makes often less than perfect situations acceptable – I still haven’t got over the fact that with only one more day of classes we are still waiting for the compulsory government books to be finished and issued !  - oh well, perhaps next year ?!

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