Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Ethiopian Easter

     Easter holidays – at last ! After a stressful couple of weeks with the school bus and its crash ( still not solved ! ) at last we are on holiday !
              Ethiopian  Easter started on Friday and it is Easter Sunday tomorrow. As a result, the streets are full of ladies with live chickens dangling from their hands, ready for the traditional dora wot. This dish predominately comprises of onions and chicken , with the ladies ( men in Ethiopia don’t cook ) having chopped  mountains of onions for the past couple of days and then starting the slow cook of the dish this afternoon.
          On Easter day, the traditional is that small groups of children go from door to door singing songs and giving out small pictures that they have drawn for a small donation . Then after church, everyone has the dora wot in their own house, before going out to visit others – where you are offered ( and it is polite to eat ) some more dora wot – returning in the evening to your own house for a third or fourth helping of the spicy dora wot.
             With a dora wot overload, most businesses and schools are closed on the Monday, since everyone is stuffed full !
                 HAPPY ETHIOPIAN EASTER !

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