Saturday, April 20, 2013

Exams - some love them and others hate them !

Exams are now underway – some pupils thrive on them whilst others dread them ! They do seem to take up a lot of time, energy and expense but since they are a government regulation then there is no choice !
                 The great thing about exams however is that since there are only four exams ( Amharic ( the local language ) English, maths and science ) and five days in a week, everyone gets Friday off making it a nice long weekend. Everyone can really do with a break at the moment since we haven’t had any time off since the 2 weeks starting 28th January  ( Easter hasn’t yet arrived – that will occur on 5th May ( Good Friday is the only holiday given )
             All public holidays ( Christmas, Easter, Eid ) are one day events – there is no build up or commercialism – no advertising or decorations and no gifts of any kind given. Instead, there are simple traditional foods to be eaten at each festival and it is a time for families to get together.
                    After the huge success of the Sports Day at the summer school organised by Jennifer and Martin Beels, we are now planning our own sports day for next week for the kindergarten pupils. This should be a combination of traditional races of different kinds and rotational group activities with everyone receiving a  “ medal “ ( made from a circle of card on a piece of wool ) for participating. However with about a hundred children in the kindergarten a lot of circles need to be cut out and decorated so we are starting cutting now slowly in anticipation ! 

Others are not so enthusiastic !

Someone enjoying the exams !

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