Monday, March 12, 2012

UK Three Peaks Challenge: Fund Raising for English Alive Academy

This past week has been a hive of activity, getting ready for the first parents morning of the year. We really wanted to make an impression since we introduced so many new things this year that we were concerned that parents may have felt overwhelmed and not really understood where we were heading to – simple things such as having an introduction to a lesson, dramatically reducing the amount of copying and introducing active learning in the grade school are huge deviances to the norm, so worried that parents would take the parents morning opportunity to express their disapproval of some of these seemingly                 “ bizarre “ educational practices.
      As a result, we were incredibly pleased to discover that in fact, the pupil’s progress has been proof enough that we are all on the right track !  Parents admitted that they too were learning alongside their children, being introduced to new aspects such as how to phonetically read, learning about science experiments and parts of the world that they previously hadn’t known about ! This was excellent news for us and really has boosted the confidence of everyone – students and staff – giving us a new lease of life to try even more “ outrageous ” educational practises !
We are currently in the process of getting together a team for the 3 peaks challenge taking place in the Peak District in the UK. The aim is to raise funds for English Alive Academy.
This is an exciting opportunity to climb 3 peaks within 24 hours, with full equipment and supervision.  Provisional dates are either 25th / 27th May or                  1 st / 3rd June
If interested, please contact Claire on :

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