Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Look Out Adele: Here comes EAA's debut music CD to a store near you!

The latest excitement here is the proposed England – Ethiopian CD ! Fikir – the volunteer due out next week is very keen on music and as such, is planning a huge joint project. She plans to get a school in the UK to record a collection of songs and to train and practise with students here when she comes next week ( since is of Ethiopian origin she has intermediate Amharic skills )
    We will then fundraise  and take a handful  of children from Nazret to Addis for the recording. Although Addis is only 100 kilometres away, most children have never visited due to the transportation expense thus a trip to the capital will be an experience in itself ! . With a little more fundraising then we will get the CD published here and then sell it both in the shops within Ethiopia as well as in the UK.
   This really is a wonderful idea and it will not only eventually provide the school with some funds through the sale of the CD, but be a wonderful learning project for children both here and in the UK !
Our new copy machine purchased with moneys from our  airline grant!
Report card day!
Exam time!

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