Thursday, June 2, 2011

Great things are starting to happen!!

Cannot believe that it is almost June ! – this school year seems to have whizzed by and although we had big plans of having the funds to rent another compound and open up a grade 5 – 8 section so that pupils could continue on at the school, unfortunately we didn’t realise our dream ! – so are putting this on the plan for next year instead !!
However, although things haven’t progressed on the new compound as anticipated, the school definitely seems to be striding forwards ! Although slow, the child and teacher sponsorships  are starting to trickle in, with the hope being that the trickle will form a stream which will lead to a river and eventually an ocean !!!!  In addition, odd donations are starting to come in – which is fantastic, giving us all a renewed sense of optimism !
In addition, we have interest from a big airline in supporting the school – so fingers crossed for their inspection visit next week !!  - who knows, this could be the start of buying our land and building our own school – it would be fantastic to have the freedom to do what we want with the school !!!
The other good news for the week is that our previous volunteer – Iris, is now our current volunteer ! She loved the school so much that she decided to extend her time there and is back off to Nazret tomorrow !!! This is particularly good at this time since the dreaded graduation practise  is now underway ! – trying to get 25 kids march in time to the music, themselves and manipulate sticks at the same time is no easy feat !!!

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