Thursday, June 2, 2011

The end of the school year is near!

Once again, time seems to be flying past and the end of the school year is fast approaching !! Time to start thinking about the dreaded graduation once again where all of the pupils put on a show for parents. Although it sounds simple in theory, in practice, it is an enormous expense and requires at least a month of practise ! Not quite sure who started the trend or what the purpose is, but it is the main event in the school calendar so although we would love to skip it, this is not an option !!

However, the fantastic news is that Iris – the previous volunteer from Holland has decided that she loves the school so much that she will be coming back to volunteer for a few more weeks starting from next Monday ! This is fantastic news and the teachers and students will be ecstatic to see her once again !

English Alive had a visit last week from Chantelle – a Dutch visitor. She brought with her a huge bag of school supplies ranging from cuddly toys to pencils and beads  - all fantastic stuff !

We have been extremely lucky with donations recently, since also received materials from the USA through Josh. Perhaps the most exciting donation was that of a set of baseballs and bats ! The game of baseball was a totally new one for the children of English Alive and although I had a few ideas of my own from my school day rounders, wasn’t that sure of the rules and regulations. However, Chantelle and Iris were experts on the game, thus during their visit the whole of the grade school came to a standstill as the game of baseball was demonstrated and an enthusiastic game ensued !!!

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