Sunday, April 10, 2011

This week saw the start of our latest volunteer – Iris – from Holland – who came to work multitasking working not only multitasking working not only with the kindergarten children but with the grade school as well as teaching English to the teachers ! She is here for a month so that will give everyone the boost that they need ! Easter isn’t for a few weeks yet , with exams to come before that – so things are quire busy at the moment !
Small group learning support groups for the kindergarten have not started. There are a few children who are slightly behind the others in terms of basic letter recognition and pencil control skills thus lunch classes to give them additional assistance have started. We would love to give much more emphasis upon learning support and as a result have applied for a grant to develop a separate room complete with equipment such as a computer, tape machine etc – so fingers crossed !
Fundraising continues to slow – currently trying to get the facebook group membership (Ethiopian Schools for the Poor - English Alive Academy) up to 200 members by next week ( we currently have 148 members ) since I feel that when we launch our sponsorship campaign then that will be a great starting point ! Plodding on with the website to get it incredibly easy for people to sponsor and hope that it can all be up and running by next week !!
One great thing this week was that a school in Watford UK suddenly wrote out of the blue to mention that they wish to donate books since the school was going to throw them out ! – You can never have too many books, so this is a great opportunity to expand the library ! This just goes to show that even though you think that no one really knows about you, in fact, people are looking out for you and success in the form of donations and funds is just a few clicks away!

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