Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fundraising! Fundraising! Fundraising!

Time seems to be flying by this year, with the Easter exams coming up next week. I still think that it is a bit silly for children aged 3 to be subjected to exams three times a year, but since this is governmental regulated, there isn’t much we can do about it apart from make them as exciting as possible !!
Iris – the latest volunteer from Holland is settling in nicely, although was sick this week – probably the hundreds of little children clamouring over her had something to do with it ! However, that didn’t stop her for long and she is busy sorting out the literature programme at the school ! We really are lucky in that like Paula, she is a fundraising expert – and as luck would have it, in another area – that of grants ! As a result am learning all sorts of interesting things ! – it is amazing what you don’t know ! and what seems so easy to other people is like a revelation to me. Two amazing things that I learnt this week :
a/. that you can save word documents as acrobat reader files !!!! ( simply click save as ( just in case you don’t know either ! )
b/. that website places ( hosts ! ) also have email facilities !!!! – thus have a wonderful new email address :!!!
Really do think that I have learnt more new things in the past few months then have learnt for years ! – you do tend to stick to the things that you know what to do and keep doing them – but now am in a whole new world of fundraising !!!
We are now registered at – which takes credit card donations ! – Simple and easy – just click and pay !!!!
Paula ( the previous fundraising expert ) is busy at work with organising presentations at Rotary clubs which is fantastic ! – as well as busy editing and advising my first initial steps in this fundraising world ! – wonderful to have so much help – it really makes me feel that at long last English Alive could be fully self sufficient in the very near future with wonderful things just around the corner !!

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