Tuesday, February 8, 2011

News from Nazaret

Here it has all been go, since last week were the end of semester final examinations. They like exams in this country and give them to all children – even the 3 years olds ! It is hard to make an interesting and exciting examination that will keep everyone happy and of course it ends up with an incredibly large number of pictures ! However, since we are on a very limited budget then we can’t afford to give an exam which is more than 2 pages long , so it is a difficult mission to say the least ! The good thing is that the exams are now behind us and we are now onto report card writing !

The good thing is that this week is holiday week, so there is a bit of breather to get things sorted out. Paula – our latest volunteer from the USA has arrived in the country and since it is the holiday time is off holidaying in the North until school starts on Monday.

We have made a school link with the Marlborough School in the UK, which is really great ! Our children wrote them some letters and they are en route to the UK as I write ! I am hoping that the school will also offer some educational advice since it is always good to keep up to date with matters !

Am busy writing perfecting my grant application letters. There are good days and bad days with it , you know how it is, you write it and think that it is ok and then look back or show it to someone else and they say that it is crap ! Still, haven’t been at it long so hope that practice will make perfect !!! Due to this, I haven’t had that much time for the freelance writing so are a bit low on funds - am hoping to work extra hard next month to make up !!!!

No progress with being a charity as yet since the forms which we sent to the UK with a volunteer to ensure that they got there safely have got lost en route !!! – trying to investigate whether the Charity commission will accept faxed versions etc as an alternative ! We will not be deterred however and one day we will get that seemingly simple but oh so important Charity number !

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