Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Big plans in the works...

Here all is going very well. Busy at work with renovating the website and sorting out grant applications etc. and feel that we are on the way ! Planning a big sponsorship programme, with the aim of all the teachers being sponsored as well as a minimal of 50 pupils ! – High goals, but with perseverance and a lot of luck I think we can make it ! No news as yet about being a charity, but fingers crossed that we will be a charity all too soon !

Last week was parent’s morning – it all went very well with the parents generally being very pleased with the progress of their children and the school. The main comment was that we only go up to grade 4 and it would be so much better if we went up to grade 8. We do agree and are held back only by finances. However, being the never ending optimist, we are currently searching for a new building! - you never know !

At long last managed to build the partition wall for the computer room. Initially we were going to have the room in another room but it was declared that the director needs to have his own individual room rather than share ! Pretty useless use of space if you ask me, however we do not make the rules !

The electrics have all been sorted out and we now need to only purchase a stabiliser and then we will be up and running !!

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