Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rains have come...

Here all is going well – the rains are a little heavy this year however, which is bringing things to a bit of a standstill. Although in Addis it is usual for it to rain during the daytime ( usually the clouds build up and then it rains about 3.30 pm ) in Nazareth it is very rare for it to rain during the day, with it usually begin brilliant sunshine all day , with the rain falling heavily at night only. However, this year there have been many days of rain, resulting in a slow grind to a halt!

Marianne – our latest volunteer has safely arrived and is now in Nazareth. As a fully qualified teacher she will be a great addition to the team, enabling the teachers to learn professional techniques. She is here until 6th September – which is a nice long time – we really are very lucky!

Still no one applying for September – so please keep your eyes peeled!

The other good news is that a long time ago, an American chap – Troy – has collected some books for the school but hadn’t managed to raise the cash to send them. This week we heard from him again to say that he has now managed to raise the funds and that they will shortly be posted! Especially with the new grade five, the need for books is ever increasing, so this will be an excellent addition to the library!

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