Sunday, July 11, 2010

Graduation....At Last!!!

This week was all go since it was the end of year show ! – it really is a bit of a nightmare to arrange since every year you need to organise more and more children !

Last year we were able to put all of the children in one room and then they could exit from there to the stage – but this year since we have two nursery classes as well as the new grade four, we couldn’t fit !! and had to split the show and have the small ones before the break ( with the grades sitting outside watching ) and the grades after the break ( with the small ones watching ! )

The show as a whole went very well – the power held as did the rain – which are the most important features ! The marching band remembered how to march ( this was our big worry – in the practices they seemed to forget what to do and go into a kind of disco mode in desperation ) and the little ones remembered how to get on and off the stage.

We now have a week or so’s lull before the summer school gets into full swing. We are lucky enough to have three volunteers coming, although they are all coming at the very end of July / beginning of August which means that the teachers will have to start the school without them – possible but difficult !

Currently looking for volunteers for September – have someone booked for December and another interested for December but nothing before hand – so please keep your eyes peeled !!

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