Sunday, June 13, 2010

Here Comes Graduation!!

This week sees graduation practise in full swing. Although the show isn’t for another four weeks, two weeks will be taken out for exam revision and examinations, which means that we really are on limited time. In order to add variety this year we have decided to add marching – although good in practice on their own, as soon as they have an audience it all seems to collapse and it looks as if the children are simply wandering aimlessly around ! – Next Saturday is the big dress rehearsal so we will make a firm decision then as to whether they will be able to make it or not ! – If not then we will quickly revert back to plan B – a song that they already know from previous years !

Emma is getting on very well – she is very enthusiastic and tackles all the adversities of Nazareth ( such as having to wash using a bucket since the water is very dodgy and trying to communicate in pigeon English ) in her stride. The trouble is that although she wanted to stay until the end of July and thereby meet and pass things over to the new people, her job has phoned to say that she needs to be back for the beginning of July instead so she is off on the 24th June !

Although we have three people for the summer, all of them are coming very late ( 2nd August ) which means that the teachers will have to struggle and start the summer school on their own – which for the beginners and intermediate English classes is just about OK however for the advanced students, a native English speaker really is needed – still, they will do their best and something will be learnt !

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