Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello from Nazareth

With only two weeks of school left, things are getting pretty busy here. The volunteer – Emma – left on the 1 am flight this morning - most upset to missing the end of the school year graduation ceremony that she has been helping the children practise for !

The end of year graduation is the big event in the school calendar and consists of series of performances by the children. Since there is inevitable forgetting of words and actions etc then we usually have a strong song with a good rhythm and the song having words – in that way, even if everything is forgotten then at least something is making a noise ! However, this year we decided that for grade 3 we would go mad and have a marching band ( with the instruments – more just marching ! ) – however, the children do not really seem to comprehend this concept and as a result, poor Emma struggled for weeks to try to get the children to march in time rather than break into “ free movement “ when they couldn’t remember what to do !

Since I am tied at the school where I work at the moment due to the exam etc. this meant that I was only available to supervise a rehearsal on Saturday – so the children were all called into school last Saturday morning ! Although the KG seemed pretty sorted, the grade classes were another matter ! – time is pretty limited now with the exams starting next week and the show less than 3 weeks away ! – still, fingers crossed that it will all come together !!

As schools in the first world are thinking about the end of term, many schools are clearing out their cupboards and throwing wonderful stuff away ! Although the logistics of actually getting the stuff here are not fully sorted out ( one suggestion is with future volunteers – we have them from all over the world – so there should be one coming from your location SOON ! ) it seems such a shame to miss this opportunity – so can I ask all of our blog readers to ask around at their local schools for things that they were going to throw out ! – anything and everything is our description of what we need !!! – every little bit helps !!! If you do manage to get some stuff then please let us know on stephanddawit@yahoo.co.uk and we can arrange the transportation of it with future volunteers etc ! – many thanks in advance !

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