Sunday, July 26, 2009

Book donations have arrived

HI - sorry for the delay - things have been hectic here !! - I am very pleased to report that the books arrived (donations from Hockinson, Washington) a couple of days ago safe and well and extremely quickly !!! - the post here is unreliable to say the least and things can take from about 2 weeks to 2 years to never !!! - they are great books - exactly the sort of stuff that we need - we really do appreciate it so very very much - thank you !
   Here the summer school is well underway - the summer school focuses on teaching English and has three levels - beginners, intermediate and advanced and lasts for only half a day. The afternoons there is English lessons for the teachers to try to develop their general skills which will ultimately affect the students.
     Johanna - the volunteer from Belgium is really great - she is doing an amazing job and introducing some new and exciting ideas. Frasier from Australia arrived a couple of days ago and starts work tomorrow - so it is all go here !
       Still very limited power despite the rains at long last being here which does affect life for everyone - still - it cant last forever and we expect it to only go on for another month or so and then we can go back to the luxury of having power most of the time !!!!!

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