Tuesday, June 30, 2009


HI – hope that all is going well there – not much is happening this week for the blog – the children have al finished their exams – we were pleased with the results – the standard really does improve every year – which is a really good thing !! It was hard to get the exams ready with such a limited time scale and fighting against the power – the good news is that rains are sort of here but not as heavy and prolonged as usual which is a worry – they should be in full by now and should have been full on for at least three weeks !  - thus there is no end in sight for the power situation which is getting worse each week – 2 hours every 2 days is good nowadays !!!

        Rushing to get ready for the graduation which takes place on Sunday – I am not really sure if the kids are ready but we are relying on “ cute factor “ to try to get us through it !!

   The good news is that we now have 3 volunteers – the first from Belgium is coming on the 2nd July , the second on the 16th from the Uk and the third on the 18th from Australia. The 3rd one is our first man !! – we have never had a man before since the accommodation we offer is hared and in the society it is not acceptable to mix man and women ! This all looks like being a successful summer school this year and hopefully increase the numbers of students for next year !!

     No news on my own job for the next year – still looking around both in Ethiopia and abroad – quite a worrying situation really since I really feel that I cant stay at the job where I am but need to earn enough to keep the schools going !! – still in the process of trying to the make the school a charity – our initial application seemed to have a positive response in that they didn’t reject us but asked for a mountain of additional information ( easy to provide if there is power and you can type out the answers ! but with 2 hours to do it all every 2 days you cant spend all that time on one thing !! ) – being a charity will help a lot since then I think we would stand more chance of getting grants etc !!! – so fingers crossed !!

    Well must dash since racing against the power ! – many thanks for all your help – Stephanie and co


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