Thursday, June 4, 2009

Preparations are carrying on for the end of term graduation – we will try to get some of last years photos so you can see more what it is – basically it is an end of year show with songs and dances etc then at the end the KG 2 pupils ( the 3rd year of school ) dress up in little graduation gowns and hats and get a certificate to say that they have finished KG school and are now off to the big school ! 
WE are still looking for volunteers for the summer school !!
We are still worried about Tsion ( the girl with Downs Syndrome ) since not sure what she will do next year – she really isn’t progressing. 
We have joined a new internet place - – you can set it as your home page and then receive ½ pence every time you use it to search rather than using Google – in addition – you can use it every time that you make an internet purchase – it might not be much but if the message goes out to a lot of people and everyone is using it then all the little bits will add together. !
Still no news on being a registered charity although they wrote to say that we should know by 10th June so we are on tenterhooks awaiting the results !
The power is still horrendous – one day on and one day off ! – it is caused a bit of a problem in the city of Addis and even spreading to Nazareth since many factories are unable to function so things are starting to be in short supply ! – still no real rains have come yet which is a bit worrying for the farmers !
 The corn season is now in full swing – this is a fascinating time of the year when the streets are full of ladies with their piles of corn ( they tie the leaves together and stand them up like little teepees ) which you can buy raw to cook yourself or they all have a little charcoal fire next to them where they are roasting them – thus you can buy a nice hot roasted one ! – yummy !!
Once again many thousands of thanks – Stephanie and co 

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