Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hello from Stephanie and Co.

We have had parents morning this week and everyone was all very positive – parents have come up with the suggestion that they form a parents committee in order to support the school.

Thursday is a public holiday for the Downfall of the Derge ( the regime that used to be in power here )

We are a little worried about Tsion ( the girl with Downs Syndrome ) as she is getting more and more behind and is starting to show disturbing behavior such as rocking – something that she has never done before – we are not sure what this indicates ( expect that it isn’t good ) and wondered whether anyone could offer any concrete suggestion as to what we should do to help her – we have had the idea of talking her out of schooling since I think that she has got as far as she formally can and putting her in the Kg as a helper where she will learn a bit and feel good ? – although not sure whether this will work or not ? – all suggestions most welcome

We now have a volunteer for September – a girl from New Zealand – but are still looking for volunteers for the summer school i.e. mid July onwards – anyone interested please apply !

Many many thanks for all your help – Stephanie and co 

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  1. Hi Stephanie,

    I've emailed you my resume. Though I said in the email I'm available from September, if this is not ideal please let me know when my help will be most required. Also if you could let me know how much accomadation would cost, that would be great.

    Fraser Orr