Friday, January 30, 2015

The rush for exams

The wonderful news here is that the little girl who was missing has now returned. No one is sure exactly where she went but she suddenly appeared back at the orphanage and although having a few behavioural problems now at school, she seems to have been safe whilst she was missing. We are so happy at her return as it was a very stressful time for everyone.
At school  as usual it is all go and we are currently in the middle of yet another set of exams ! Although I like to plan as much as possible, we have had a problem with trying to get the official  school calendar from  the government and despite sending the school secretary to the office once a week since September, we still haven’t got it  - a mere 5 months since the beginning of the school year !
Working hard
      As a result, we were forced to simply guess when we thought the official end of semester exams would be and of course, we got it wrong ! – by a week . Somehow, all of the other schools got it right,  meaning that there was a sudden rush to try and get exams finished !
Relief at finishing !
 We didn’t  quite made it, having exams Thursday to Tuesday instead of Monday to Friday – but that was the best we would could do and all of us now definitely need the end of semester break after all those late night sessions !   

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