Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Great Exhibition and a wonderful Christmas present

The exhibition opening band

We managed to have the best Christmas ever, with the amazing success of our Big Give challenge ! Although inflation is amazing high, with land properties rising dramatically, we are hoping that we are now lucky enough to find some land that we can afford! This would be amazing, since it would give the school an added sense of stability.
It was all rush this week with the sudden announcement of a school exhibition. In May time we had working hard for a month to produce all the necessary items for an exhibition – posters, banners and explanations of our different school materials.
Our stall
However, this time, the authorities phoned two days before the event to inform us ! This resulted in an enormous panic as we searched for all the things and made new items. The exhibition lasted for three days in the end (including a weekend) and was an enormous success - so we will now make sure that we keep all banners and posters together in case of another emergency exhibition!

Fascinated !

Pupils explaining to visitors

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