Saturday, November 15, 2014

Exams and the Great Ethiopian Run

Our busy KG 1 classroom
At work in KG 1

This week we are getting ready for exams – and now with the new classes there will be a total of 57 different exams to check, type and photocopy ! Exams feature heavily in the Ethiopian educational system, with even the nursery pupils ( three year olds ) having exams in English, maths, science, Amharic – and for some Oromifa !
Typically, exams are multiple choice , but since we want them to be as meaningful as possible, then we have actual questions involving drawing and colouring and finding the odd one out etc. This has proved difficult for our new teachers – of which year there is a lot – the new Oromofia teacher for nursery ,  KG 1 ( as Weinshet – the previous teacher left to have a baby and although prior to leaving planned to return, when it actually came to it, she decided to stay with her new born ) new Oromifa grade 1 teacher and grade 3 ( as previously there were only a few students for grade 3 and 4 so they were combined ) – but eventually, with the guidance of the old teachers, meaningful exams have been compiled.
The Great Ethiopian Run is on the 23rd November – with the 2 kilometre race the day before. This year, our two children have decided to enter with the aim of raising funds for the school. Having studied at the school three years, they know only too well how some of the pupils struggle for food on a daily basis  and how simple things like shoes and clothes should not be taken for granted.
If you wish to sponsor them in the race, please visit :
Every little bit helps !

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