Sunday, November 10, 2013

Computers, computers, computers !

With the new computers installed, the grade school has now gone computer crazy ! – all pupils talk about are the educational computer games and activities that they have played in the computer suite and we are now working on integrating the computers into other subjects such as science, group reading and maths ! 
      Sockets are currently being installed at the far school and it is hoped that pupils there will get their first interaction with a computer in the next week !
     Computers have remained the lynch pin to the charity this week as well with the launch of our new website which is clear, precise and easy to navigate  - take a look at  !
          The other exciting technological development has been the formation of our very own YouTube channel -
Although it takes a few hours for videos to upload, it is now possible so hope to be adding more in the near future !  Many thanks to our technologically minded volunteer Amy for all her work 
     We end this blog with the sad news that the husband of one of our young teachers passed away after a short illness. With only an estranged family in Addis Ababa and a baby and a young child, she is in desperate need of financial support. The school is doing all it can to support her but we are now urgently seeking a teacher sponsorship  ( To sponsor a teacher for a month costs £35/US$57, or £420/US$676 for the year ) For more information please see our website or contact us directly at

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