Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

Two of the team of four grant donors from Belgium visiting our proposed land site.

It is amazing that there seems to be a never ending stream of visitors these days !   Last week we had a visit from the Belgium team who raised the money for our land. They were enthusiastic to see the areas that we were interested in and we are hoping that soon we will be able to finalise the deal and English Alive will at last be able to start building our own school !
            With growing enthusiasm regarding music due to the forthcoming CD recording ( the provisional date has now been set for May 5th ) we are lucky enough to have been given a huge boost with the arrival of a fantastic parcel of music resources ! A mixture of photocopied sheets, pictures, CD’s and a complete set of music books , this wonderful package was compiled by one of our UN online volunteers – Sally.  Our weekly training sessions are thus sorted for the next few weeks as we explore and practise the lessons !
Music materials arrived this week!
Our only difficulty at the moment regarding music is the lack of CD players ! – we have a grant to purchase two of them, however, they mysteriously seem to have vanished from Ethiopia being replaced with a strange contraption which takes only flash ! – so may have to wait until volunteers arrive !
   May we take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy Ethiopian Easter ( Fasika ) on April 15th ( we like to be different and have our own calendar ! ) 

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