Monday, June 6, 2011

Graduation Day is fast approaching!!

June has crept upon us without us really realising the dates and we are now in the full throw of the end of the term with exams and the end of year graduation ceremony ! At the same time we are trying to get sorted for the summer school which starts mid July – so it is all go !
Iris is doing a great job at helping pupils prepare for the graduation ceremony , encouraging them to march in a straight ( ish ) line and keep facing the audience during the play etc.  The only trouble is that she leaves at the end of the week, thus really need to give the children a huge push so that everything will be ready !
Volunteers are now starting to apply for the next academic year starting mid September which is great, since our ideal is to have a steady stream of people so that the high level of English is maintained .
On the fundraising side, the airline person unfortunately didn’t come, although we are hopeful that she will make it one week in the near future. However, we currently have a visit from three organisers of a music festival who are interested in working with the school since the festival generates funds and they are looking for a worthy cause to donate it to. After an initial introductory meeting,  we are all off to Nazret tomorrow for a couple of days, to look at the not only the school but available land for sale – which sounds incredibly exciting and promising ! We are too apprehensive to get our hopes up too high, but it gives us tinkles down our spine to even think of the possibility of the school having its own land – this would make the world of difference, giving us the real possibility of having a fully self sufficient school – wow !
On a personal level, Dawit and I are currently weighing up our options – we would dearly love to move back to Nazret, run the school full time and really see it develop to its fullest potential. However, if we moved , we would need an income of some sort ( we currently have a small shop in Addis – a kind of mini supermarket ( although nowhere near that posh ) which is problematic – so currently calculating a way to make our dreams possible !
Really starting to feel that things may be shifting – after a period of stagnancy – this could be beginning of the realization of our dream !

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